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Interested In Joining The Behind-The-Scenes Team? We're Hiring!

The Auburn Doubledays are gearing up for another exciting summer season and are looking to bring on a Group Sales Executive. Interested in joining the team? Learn more below!

POSITION SUMMARY: We are searching for the newest sales team member to help us increase group ticket revenue. Candidates are not required to have previous sales experience but must demonstrate the ability to learn quickly, solve problems independently, and have strong interpersonal communication skills. This will be a salary-plus-commission-based position.

The start date for this position is flexible, but as soon as possible is preferred. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Generate group ticket revenue through new and existing leads to meet predetermined goals

  • Meet a minimum number of outgoing contacts per week as defined by management

  • Service orders accurately and efficiently

  • Keep organized records of activities, sales, and orders

  • Independently manage and meet deadlines for projects throughout the season

  • Foster relationships with new and existing customers to secure repeat business

  • Provide excellent customer service in the office, at home games, and at other events

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must be available to work all home games and other events as needed

  • Must have strong interpersonal communication skills

  • Excellent customer service skills required

*Please email with your resume to start the process of setting up a face-to-face interview. We also ask you to please answer the questions below in your initial email:

Job Questions:

  1. What is your first available start date?

  2. In one sentence, share why you are applying for this job.

  3. If you were hired, what value would you bring to our organization?

  4. Do you have sales experience? Please explain in a few sentences.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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