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Doubledays Sign Auburn Native William Coleman for '23 Season

The Auburn Doubledays are excited to announce the signing of Auburn Native William Coleman, a Right-Handed Pitcher from Cayuga College. For Coleman, the summer of 2023 will be an opportunity to face top bats in the country and, as a JUCO player, look to get scouted by a four-year school.

Baseball started early for Coleman when he was around the age of 6. “I’ve played baseball as long as I can remember,” Coleman remarked. “I remember getting a baseball glove for my sixth birthday, and I started up with tee ball that same year. And I’ve been playing ever since.”

William has gotten used to pitching at Falcon Park for Cayuga Community College, and the Doubledays look forward to him being a major part of the pitching rotation this summer.

The Doubledays kick off their 2023 season on Saturday, June 3rd at 7 PM with a post-game firework show presented by CSEA.



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